Þúfa in Kjós - Horse breeding.

We are not big breeders. Usually we get 4 foals each year. We do our best to pick the stallions we use carefully. What we look for in stallions is good temperament, we believe to be able to breed a good horse you need to have the best temperament in your horses. We also look for good conformation, especially good neck and shoulders, strong back and  good legs and hoofs. As for riding abilities we go for good tölt and beautiful form under the saddle. Nice colors are just a plus, we do not breed colors especially. But we do prefer colorful horses. We like our horses to be on the heavier side rather then light, we do not like “ sausage horses ”.

Our breeding started really with a wonderful mare named ; Sandra from Kópavogi, bread by Bíbi,(Guðríður Gunnarsdóttir)  Sadly we had to put Sandra down, August 6th 2013, at the age of 29. Sandra's mother was Kolfreyja from Sleitustöðum, a fantastic riding horse with wonderful temperament. Sandra's  sire was one of the most successful stallions in Icelandic breeding history; Adam from Meðalfelli. Sandra really inherited the wonderful temperament from her parents and a beautiful conformation, her neck and shoulders were exceptional. Sandra had many offspring, some of them fantastic, a few 1 prize mares, competition horses, all with wonderful temperament and beautiful confirmation. In recent years we have started to use her daughters for breeding. These are mares that we have used as riding horses and been as such great horses. The mares from Sandra we are using are ; Folda and Drottning, both from Þúfa in Kjós. The youngest offspring from Sandra is 5 year old Samba from Þúfa in Kjós. We are going to keep her. Samba is very promising, and we hope to see her in a breeding show next year.


Here are 2 offspring from Sandra; Dimmalimm and Hrafnhetta., both with 1 prize.

The second mare we build our breeding on is Brynja from Feti, a stunning  pinto mare that gives pinto offspring only.  We owned and trained Brynja´s  sire: Haukur from Akurgerði, , a stallion that was in so many ways a unique horse. Haukur was a very successful 4-gaited competition horse.  Brynja came from a very beautiful mare named Drangey from Glæsibæ, who gave fantastic offspring like Grótta from L-Tungu owned by Juliet ten Bokum in Holland. The youngest offspring of Drangey, is our Drangey from Þúfa in Kjós, one of our favorite horses. Brynja has given us wonderful horses, a few 1 prize mares and great riding horses. All of them with lovable temperament and high leg action. Brynja is still going strong and had beautiful filly from Roði from Múla last  summer. Now we are waiting for her to have a foal from Steggur fro Hrísdal.


Here are 2 of many wonderful offspring from Brynja.


Drangey and Þyrnirós are 2 of our favorite mares to day. Both with wonderful temperament and very good riding abilities.


This summer; 2014 we used some great stallions for our mares. Including: Stormur from Herríðarhóli, Toppur from Auðsholtshjáleigu, Lukku-Láki fron Stóra-Vatnsskarði, Greifi from Holtsmúla 1, Kandís from Litlalandi and Askur from Akranesi.



Here below is a link to a short video of Þyrnirós.

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