Horses on sale! All these horses are owned and most bread by us.  Here you can find some very good horses for a very fair price. We have sold horses to many countries in Europe, The USA,  Canada  and a few all the way to New-Zealand!  Over 30 years in the business.


IS2008188415 Léttfeti frá Króki. - 10 year old

Handsome and strong 4-gaited horse.  Color; Bay. Good neck and shoulders.   Very good leg action, very safe to ride. Great trail horse, could also be used for smaller competitions. This is a horse used going on horse trips and has seen it all.  Léttfeti gives a very good seat in the saddle. A very good horse for experienced riders, since novice riders might be in trouble getting him to be good on tölt,. We have  more videos  available. Youbube video here:

On sale for only 1700  EUR!!


IS2012125437 Hrafn frá Þúfu í Kjós - 6 year old - Very lovable and easy

Beautiful and very lovable gelding. Black as they get. 4-gaited. Hrafn is a very easy and  likable young horse. Easy to ride. Stands like a rock while mounted and rather easy going. This a very promising young horse and extremely sweet.  The video is shot when Hrafn was just on his 5th year.

On sale! for only 2700 EUR for this beauty!


IS2013225437 Brynja frá Þúfu í Kjós. 5 year old beautiful mare with very interesting breeding lines. Her dam has given us many very good horses.  Brynja has wonderful temperament, 4-gaited. She has a very good neck and shoulders. She is not trained much, but is starting to tölt. Looks very promising, great trot and is going to have  just beautiful gaits. Video of her is in the beginning of her tölt training.

We are offering her for a very good price, onæy 3700 Eur.


IS2013225346 Venus fra Thufu i Kjos

5 year old extremely beautiful mare. Tall, long legs, much mane.  Sired by the world champion Desert from Litlalandi  Venus is a very promising young mare, with good gaits,  lovable with good temperament.  She has very good manners .  SOLD

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